The Gugusophone is a music instruments which makes dinosaurs dance. Properly speaking, it makes the dinosaur in you dance. Whether you have a dinosaur heredity or not, it is rather a prehistoric feeling which one feels while playing the Gugusophone: something cosmic.

Music for dinosaurs has been a trend since the Paleolithic. Music, at that time, was a rare phenomenon: a set of synchronous sound events, natural catastrophes, animal noises, distorted by distance and the listener's subjectivity. The arrival of the Gugusophone in dinosaur societies was a revolution which enabled the acme of a social era, where concerts and shows were organised. Velociraptors invented the tutu, brontosaurs invented the necktie, and all were happy. At this point, the meteorite destroyed the dionsaur society. :’-(

Was there a connection between Gugusophones and the meteorite? Certainly! But let us still use it, as it is a trans-apocalyptic instrument.

More seriously

The Gugusophone is a self-made music instrument, both educational and playful. It was invented by the Miracle.Nu Collective. It is remotely inspired by the Cracklebox, and more closely by Andre Castro's research. It enables a fun introduction to philosophy and electronics, as well as to experimental music. Gugus Claclé, the mythical inventor of the Gugusophone, is a crocodile born from a four-year-old's imagination. It was consecutively transformed into a family myth, a short animated film, a life-size comic book and later into art exhibitions. It is a familiar expression of the principles of Spinoza's philosophy, as well as Gaston Bachelard, Gilles Deleuze, Nathan Efrati, Frédéric Lordon, Henri Bergson and Mario Amehou, among others.

The Gugusophone produces a sound fluxus varying in time depending on the use which is made of it. It can be recognized by its nosey sound and its very strong textured sound. The sound is very easily modulable by the user, who enters the circuit as a resistor. With two users, it allows combinatory gameplay.In order to build a Gugusophone, you need a breadboard, an op-amp, a capacitor and a sound speaker. It is powered by a 9V battery. Jumper wires enable the musician to get in touch with the instrument's heart. The interaction depends on each user's biological properties.

Gugusophones are used by Narwhal Recordings and the Gugus Circuit Circus to perform group improvisations.

Who is Gugus?

Gugus is a crocodile, whose adventures have been told in an animated short, several life-sized comic books, and by word of mouth.

The crocodile Gugus enters situations which generate questions. The basic idea is that Gugus is what Spinoza referred to as substance, set of all modes, defined as “what is in itself and which is conceived in itself, in other words that of which a concept can be formed without needing anything else”. Gugus is after all only one of the many names of substance. In his latest adventures, he explained how money came about in human societies.