Miracle - Animation


Miracle members make animation. Here are a few.

2016: Oligarchia

Animated web-series

Directed by Balazs Turai

Music by: Benjamin Efrati, Noel Sarlaw

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2015: Gargamel

Music video for French Balkan-Jazz band PULCINELLA

Directed by: Benjamin Efrati, Charalambos Margaritis, Diego Verastegui.


2014: Minore Desperado,

Music Video for Acropolis Bye Bye /// Ian Balzan Dorizas

Directed by: Benjamin EfratiCharalambos MargaritisDiego Verastegui.


2013: Gugus Claclé

Animated Short Film

Directed by Benjamin Efrati,

Animation and design by  Balazs Turai, Petra Lilla Marjai, Balazs Keszegh, Diego Verastegui, Yamuna Jana Valenta,

Music by: Wassim Halal, Laurent Clouet

Voices: Mario Amehou, Marion Camy-Palou, Audrey Gleizes, Alexandre Efrati, Elsa Macaret, Samuel Trifot

Sound: Cyril Harrisson


2012: Mirikal

Directed by: Balazs Turai

Music: Benjamin Efrati

2012: Dinomyth

Benjamin Efrati, improvised stop motion performances

Collaborators: Noel Sarlaw, Shogo Naruse, Samuel Trifot, Yamuna Valenta, Diego Verastegui

Music: Sylvain Adam, Marco Quaresimin, Benjamin Efrati (APTOSISTIMA TRIO)


2011: Even Horizon: Cosmos Nostos Urutazo

Improvised stop motion performances by Benjamin Efrati, Balazs Turai, Petra Lilla Marjai, Diego Verastegui, Elsa Fauconnet.

Music: Wassim Halal; end credits: Pierrick Dechaux


2006: Kuki

Improvised stop motion & music performances by Mario Amehou, Yoan Benchetrit, Liat Carmi, John Cockin, Pierrick Dechaux, Lionel D. Benjamin Efrati, Wassim Halal, Marie Martin-Sherer, Guillaume Paire, Mathilde Saby, Quentin Soussen.