MiracleNu call for contributions : Electronic Fanzines of the Future

MiracleNu call for contributions : Electronic Fanzines of the Future

As part of MiracleNu Vol 1 – Fragmenter Animated Loop Machine : VJing & Electronic Zines, the MiracleNu collective invites you to share the Fragmenter Animated Loop Machine experience for an afternoon.

What is Fragmenter ?

Imagine a drum machine that controls drawings instead of musical notes. In a word, that’s it. Fragmenter makes it possible to animate drawings made on a digital tablet, to document the act of graphic creation and to bring content to life in a simple and effective way. A free tool that will accompany you for life, and which will open the doors of your brain for eternity. Children, conceptual artists and the elderly are finally put on the same level: inveterate geniuses.

Your mission, if you accept it

1-Download Fragmenter for free, the simplest animation and VJing software in the universe developed by Balazs Keszegh and MiracleNu since 2006
2-Install it on your PC – Linux and Mac users are invited to install it using Wine
3-Test it, discover it, approve it, develop an affectionate relationship with ellii
3- We send the result (a .frg file) by email to the address: miracle.nu@gmail.com


We are committed to using your contribution in the form of VJing during the concert evening organized in honor of Fragmenter on April 22, 2023 at Plein Jour (Bagnolet). The concerts will be filmed and the videos will be posted online crediting all participants. Those who could make the trip will be pampered within reasonable limits (event / bar / snacks at free price, we will give you some with the ♥️).


You have the right to create for pleasure and in anonymity if you wish. If you waive that right, and take your mission seriously, anything you create can and will be used against all odds, and proudly shared on the Fragmenter overview page and/or as part of the little project activity on social networks.


We’ve already said that Fragmenter is an animation and VJing software. Among the features offered by this turnkey app:
– too psychedelic kaleidoscopic drawing by axial / central symmetry (easy level)
– cartoon by loop (easy level)
-infinite cartoon (easy level)
-frame-by-frame cartooning (intermediate level)
– stop-motion cartooning by rotoscoping (intermediate level)
-use of rhythmic special effects (intermediate level)
– sequencing and special effects synchronized in MIDI (advanced level)

Naked Miracle?

MiracleNu is a transdisciplinary creation collective with variable geometries. Founded in 2006 to cobble together improvised musicals and more broadly to decompartmentalize artistic practices. This collective approach is embodied through multimedia projects (interactive installations, exhibitions, fanzine festivals) which have traveled between Lyon, Budapest, Angoulème, Beirut, Montpellier, Paris and Tokyo. The collective brings together artist/authors (Mario Amehou, Louise Lefort, Benjamin Efrati, Diego Verastegui, Julie Goergen, Petra Marjai, Nao Nishihara, Carin Klonowski),  musicians (Wassim Halal, Noel Sarlaw, ZeroDrop, Laurent Clouet), des réalisateurices (Balazs Turai, Zsuzsanna Kreif, Shu Isaka) and scientists (Pierrick Dechaux, Mine Karatas, Balazs Keszegh, Asli Katircioglu, Arsène Sonde, Yohann Benchetrit).

This spring, the MiracleNu collective is getting a makeover at Plein Jour !

Program :
4 p.m.: electronic fanzines workshop with the Fragmenter Animated Loop Machine  VJ / animation software (bring your computers and graphic tablets)
5 p.m.: conference by Balazs Keszegh, the creator of Fragmenter
6 p.m.: opening of the exhibition Tryptiques Tatouages by Krauma SpaceMario Amehou
8 p.m.: Lives + Dj Sets until closing:
Cheikh EfritaWassim HalalZero DropKrauma Space (Fragmenter VJ)


The Joan of Arc Complex is a multimedia artwork by members of Miracle and Zina collectives. The French and Hungarian artist groups associated their approaches of cultural activism around the universal figure of Joan of Arc.

With Mario AmehouThomas Perino, Éva Katinka Bogná, Benjamin Efrati, Petra Lilla Marjai, Anna Katalin Lovrity, Maja Szakadát, Louise Lefort, Diego Verastegui, Zsuzsana Kreif, Balazs Turai, Eva Szombat

More information on the project’s dedicated page.

Music video by Miracle (Benjamin Efrati + Diego Verastegui) for jazz band Pulcinella out now!

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What is the value of a work of art? How does a particular meaning  become perceptible? These questions naturally interact within the framework of  history of art, but also in the way we categorise the practices of contemporary art.

In 2012, as part of an exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris, Benjamin Efrati and Noel Sarlaw respond by proposing an intriguing theory, putting in perspective the Significatogenesis of Mario Amehou and the research of the economist Frédéric Lordon.

What is The Gnozo Show?

Quite a natural question if you have never heard of Reality 3.

Gnozo is a multimedia project : it spans over live shows, psychedelic conferences, and recursive literature.
As for The Gnozo Show, the best way to discover its true nature is by taking a sneak peek. Don’t get discouraged : the spoken language may be French, but the English subtitles are literally BURNED into the film for you pleasure. Here is Episode 1 : on Irony.

The first season of this monthly web-series will air at the end of each month until February 2020.

Web-series are sometimes annoying, as they try to appear funny while bluntly repeating common opinions. Youtubers suffer the same disease : instead of producing original content as they claim to, they often end up repeating silly memes and taking credit for other people’s jokes.
The Gnozo Show is different : it asks questions nobody dares to ask, informs viewers on topics they seldom think of  and yet assume they understand.
On top of being on the frontier of philosophical research, The Gnozo Show works within a tight framework of recursive psychedelic absurd humour.

If you have no idea what these words signify, then by all means, check out Episode 1 on Irony and stay tuned. If you are sure you know your way around Irony, try Episode 2 and discover the incredible connexions between the Baroque and the Digital.

Take notice : MORE ARE COMING.