Quarantine Scrolls AD 0.01 is an online work of poetry by Rajah S Ganesh produced from March to April 2020.

It contains the following texts : Netherium IX, The Bridemaid of El, Meta-Metta, Mechanics of Sin, Buddha’s Girl, Apsara Asana, Black Appolo, Constanti_Noble, Uto-preneur.

The texts are published in a dedicated page. They are also referenced on the Quarantine Creative Cell page. Buddha’s Girl has been adapted into an interactive poem by Benjamin Efrati.

The Joan of Arc Complex is a multimedia artwork by members of Miracle and Zina collectives. The French and Hungarian artist groups associated their approaches of cultural activism around the universal figure of Joan of Arc.

With Mario AmehouThomas Perino, Éva Katinka Bogná, Benjamin Efrati, Petra Lilla Marjai, Anna Katalin Lovrity, Maja Szakadát, Louise Lefort, Diego Verastegui, Zsuzsana Kreif, Balazs Turai, Eva Szombat

More information on the project’s dedicated page.

Music video by Miracle (Benjamin Efrati + Diego Verastegui) for jazz band Pulcinella out now!

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What is the value of a work of art? How does a particular meaning  become perceptible? These questions naturally interact within the framework of  history of art, but also in the way we categorise the practices of contemporary art.

In 2012, as part of an exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris, Benjamin Efrati and Noel Sarlaw respond by proposing an intriguing theory, putting in perspective the Significatogenesis of Mario Amehou and the research of the economist Frédéric Lordon.

Le 26 mai 2018, au Musée Guimet

Dorcelsius + Miracle_Fragmenter

Musique: Dorcelsius // Saphy Vong + Samuel Trifot

Visuels: Miracle // Diego Verastegui + Benjamin Efrati