Gugus is a crocodile who tells the history of humanity from the angle of a new definition of “cruelty”. A new cosmogony is thus born from the idea of a world invented by a crocodile god.

Gugus Claclé, a crocodile of cruelty, has been written collectively and directed by Benjamin Efrati. The film thus involves Miracle members in different ways, into a spontaneous creative process. It belongs to the genre of spontaneous or improvised animation cinema.


With Balazs Turai, Wassim Halal, Mario Amehou, Louise Lefort, Petra Marjai, Yamuna Valenta Laurent Clouet, Nicolas Chevalier, Cyril Harrisson, Audrey Gleizes, Alexandre Efrati, Marion Camy-Palou, Louise Siffert, Poussy Draama.