Checkmate vs Atari

Mat vs Atari is a performance by Benjamin Efrati and Fabien Fromont. It will be presented at the FRAC Normandie-Rouen on October 14 , 2018.

What is the relation between Tai Chi and Marcel Duchamp? Obviously, it is the game of go, as the antithesis of chess which have been the main obsession of Marcel Duchamp from birth to death. The macroscopic motion designed on the boards of these strategy games are regulated by fixed poses, which in animation cinema are called “in-between frames”. The choreographies from which the practice of Tai Chi is built follow the same protocol.

The myths of duchampology cover both the semantic gaps in his work and the exegesis of minute biographical shades. Duchamp is deemed worthy of the title of universal genius of the avant-gardes by many art critics. Was life really a game for  the emotionally detached artist described in the myth?