Quarantine Scrolls AD 0.01 – Rajah S Ganesh


The Bridemaid of El

From the tomb
Of Tutankhamun
From the mud
To the Bud
And to the Moon
Harmony bleeds grace

Dephts and Heights
Sacred Sights
The golden Insights
An eyewink
From the Great Mother
There is no Other
The Magnificent Nourisher
The Magnanimous Furnisher
Tread with caution
AS you deal with Her
For her Mercy and Ruth
Are as deadly as her full infuriated Wrath

To her, simple is the Path
Go nigh
Sleep at Her sacred feet
Sigh your hurts away
And may She renew
The View
She plays and pays
The tricks of Truth
Portended in the most graceful ruth

Ruthful, Soothing, Sensual, Divine, Glorious, Benevolent, Benificient, Mighty, Motherly, Peaceful, Nurturing, Quieting…..
She is
She takes care
AS Her blessed children.
To her, every life is kindred
And the golden yet invisible tread
Unites all Breath
Howev’r small or grand
Considered subpar or superb
She grants Fortune to the grreatly fortunate
Or the less fortunate
For Her fortune is like the Sun
Shining in the Night
Powerful, flow, glow
Without show
On is her Motion,
That trods without resistance nor possible commotion.

Her most precious secrets
She hands to the Bravest and Purest
Adorns them with stones otherworldly
She pulsates like
A heart of Golden arrays
A Diamond that can never be fathomed in
Her entirety
Yet eternally raped, violated, brutalized
As she stands tantalized by
The Brutes she nurtures
So selflessly…..

She furthers
Her Stoic stance
To endure
Til’ her chilldren realize their folly and inept ways


A Realm
A field
A Shield
A dream
A stream
A flux and reflux
A grin
A shin
A jigsaw
A puzzle
A conundrum
A riddle which is an answer
An answer which is a riddle
All at once

Listen to the drumbeat
of the Heart
Heart of Light
Forget the blights
to the Natural Flow and digit
Let flow, let glow, let show
So it is revealed
Abstain from obstruction
Take Heed and Instruction
Take position

Maintain what was obtained effortlessly,
By Inner Grace
Reclaim your Nobility
For KIngs and Gods
Inhabit the Bosom
Come from the Highest Ethers
But lost in hazey dreams
of Ego
Cathedrals built from the rots of the bricks
Of the Ego
Law is Love
Anything other is COUNTERFEIT
Counter-intuitive insights
Read the Codex
It leads to the Apex of All Truth
Here ends all pretense
Here, now, drop all masks
And Falsities sold as irrefutable evidence
If one doesn’t entertain DISCERNEMENT
And the impeccale art of reading through
And in between
AMBITION comes in many ways
Every day, balance the checks of Life.

Without movement Strike
Turmoil brings massive strife, massive, strikes

The Inner smile of The Pharaoh
Leads to the way within

Mentalities and layers
Players playoing on infinitely multifaceted playgrounds

Play in the Noble Yard
Mend your garden
For it is key
To Restored EDEN

Don’t dismiss the tools of the Humble
For in them are the gems of the GREAT

Black Abyss
Red shift
Take a lift
Observe Torah
Treasure Orah
Speak Binah
And stay in your Maat
With the Ethers of Kether

seethes the bulb
In the Dark
Tribes of Angels gather
in the
Ajar door
Wherein ,
the Erudite Moors
Dance to the rythm
Of Symphonies
Of conquered Eternity

Stay away from the murderers of infinity
Killers of Light
that play hocus pocus
With the sacred focus
Within You
Eschew and relinquish
The Sources

Test the dwelling
Of the Signatures
Light or Trip
to Death bringers
Eclipse unessentials
And kiss the phoenix’s Beak
In the secret place of Renewal
And restoration

All hail to the Great Mother
Alma Mater
Mother of all matter
Brute or subtle
She’s the Shuttle
That brings to the Eye
Of Eternal Soul



has been the flawed
From the bedazzled train,
Some flabbergasting rain,

One sees trees
Of Life awed
The Peaceful Horizon and the endless country
Thus, hear the train
Of change A comin
Nuns in the backseat shout an
After a little silent prayer

(Tight Omen)

Shedding of arrogance and ego, the layers intricate
the Desolate
And exert joy and poise
Shed away the poison

reason not the unreasonable
From the Stain
And the pain stalking Path
To bring back Folly to Reason

Reason is a Season
That does not rhyme
With Infuriated foolishness
Boastful of its childish shenanigans

Wisdom is Power
Keep it within
Breathe the Qi
Sing the Song sacred
And the Heavenly mongers
Align in perfect enchant-ment



Resurgent schemes and patterns
Euphoria in a glass

Chimes of a foreign Land
That is not yet there
Fair well

The wells of peace have dried up
The Dephts of Serenity are unfathomable

Incantations of a Walpurgis Night
In the forrest
of the Darkened Mind

Light pierces through
As a dagger of truth
Benzedrine thrust

Boozed teenagers
In the train stirring near
To the Next destination
Yell out of their shells
Of innocence and naivety
Noisy excitement

One thinks of Siddharta
And practices
To the aching, hypersenticised nerves
The golden rules of METTA
And leave to the rest its rest.
“Life is a digit, Death , a sun that shines dark to the flesh. We enmesh in the intricacies and discrepancies of the Web of Love and Despair. Remember you are mortal, though a God. You will meet the Master Builder. Are YOU ready? Keep it lean and steady/ The abakkus of Time has written your name in Water. But will you write it in ETERNITY?”


Power to The Warriors of Light
That look beyond the forced blight
Exerting heavenly might
In front of strenuous adversity

The Ennead greets You
And brings with a morrow new
Due dew
With renewed intensity

Hetheru, Heru and Igitur
Throw the dice
Break the Ice
And bree free
To the Inner side
To The Atom
Hid in the Aton
Shaped like an Ichtyon-thyrsus
Structured reality

Mechanics of Sin

The slow symphony of Sirens
To Lust
Sugarcoating pain as Bliss
Strokes, impediments, stings, barks,
Blinding, suffocating and clouding
Right Judgement

Borrowing your inner Voice

It is not your inner voice

Using all tools
of Maya,
The by-product and locusts of

Pretending to be Gaia’s Agent
And Venus’s Pageant
Hermes’s Raging fire
Efficient is weaving webs
Slimy, murky, sticky

You get caught
You O doubt
You consider
The false gold
The Fake God
Of Pleasure Unclean

The best way to resit to Tempataion
Is to Subdue
Is it not?
If you do, you will rot in remorse
And be lost
In a landscape of Morse coded Angst

It is not your inner voice

But YOU do have a CHOICE
You resist
Like a Roman Legion
You won
But still you regret
What did I get
From resisting
The sensuous thrust
As I lay here and rust
You just saved yourself
From Misery and its crust. You won but

You still have regrets
That’s the trap, the sidetrack,
The last trick of Temptation
Painting , portraying, portending
The Victor as an unfullfiled Victim

But please do keep
Intact and unscathed your Esteem.
You circumnavigated
You stood your ground
You got out of the playground
You cut through what was trying to elongate

Buddha’s Girl

She walked in Dharma
Wearing an ank and honoring Shiva
Avoided needless neddles with Karma
Quan Yin beloved
She fed the birds, the grass and the Lamb
Although soft hearted
Fierce as an Nepalese Tiger
Of the Shakyamuni Gribe
She had that peculiar vibe
Of the Noble taht embraced self restraint
Meditating on the Ight Noble Path
She remembered her lives past
In 21 day lay down fast
She read within herself the Nebra Naghast
Thinking of the glory of siddharta
And his empowering lectures on Metta
432 Hz waves, alpha and theta
Abound in the vicinity of her Heart
But still something fell apart
Loner, Atoner, Enthroner
N.O.T or new order of Things
And what not
Rearranged structure of the Old
Bold adventuress
Having known greatrer heughts
And the lowinss of impetuous duress
She adapts
Shedding the Ancient
And breathing in the
Vortex Of Novelty’s codex

Studied proportions
Spheres Golden
Godly auctions

Apsara Asana

Eerie sounds,
Bliss in beauty
Moving Naga,
A Nereid,
Drenched in golden glistenning,
Free breeze,
Facing the East,
In blissful movements,
Secret alphabets,
in ancestral perfection
From the dawn of Time
In the center
in Uru
Nibiru smiles
Back at the Nereid
That is attuned to free flow fidgeting
Doing Yoga
The Yogini
In contemplation
Clouds 9
Dressed to the nines
The Nereids come in three
Times 3
Elements 4
Octogons of fire
And Enneads of diamonds

She whispers in a sweet sigh :
“Paralyze the analyzing mind
The thinking monkey
Going amok
Stirring havoc
jumping on and off the juke box
Rebuke, and send to the Ox
“The quick fox
Jumps over the lazy dog”

Still, the Nereid
In sacred a pose
To the test again arose
Beautiful, thorn less rose
And wipes away from the forehead morose
Of the Yogi, empowered by the forbearance
Of Shiva
Clearing the Ajiva
And the Jiva.
Exhorting to AHIMSA

Smile of the Sage
Like a sun
he Sheng
(Water flows)
As he smiled
Shined bright lights
Into the darkness
Heart of light
Cascade of grace
Discarding Medea’s cunning ways
He trods majestically
Watching the East door
And the Globe of gold as a friend
Haiku-esque gaze
Silent acknowledgement of Power
Blink of an eye
Bliss of I & I
The Sage smiles
For he knows……

Black Appolo

He sighs at the gates of dawn
With royal arrogance yawns
Uses elements and events as pawns
And makes his caprices law

He reads with awe
His Bernard Shaw’s books
And brightens the atmosphere
With the right hemisphere

A drop or a tear
he reaches the stars
In a blink and makes them near

He inspires new Van der Meers
And stirs rages to not yet born King Lears
He is the Black Appolo, the divine musketeer
“Less is more”

Do less
Do better
In Duress
Or in abundance’s Shelter

No wavering


Digits align
Fireworks ignite within
Do cross the Line
Truth is clear and crystalline

Refrain from the hustle and bustle
And Just

(Be- Just)

Drink tea
And embrace within the unique Me and You
Own it

What are the oracles
Saying in divine eschew
The divine tapestry
They sew


The cat down the road
Has never met an infuriated toad
Release the old and mold
The New
Wether aligned or askew

The Countdown
Is tatooed and tattered in the Crown
Of The bliss ajar
Black Mysteries white
In the unctuous Night

Forget the Blight
Focus on the Right
That rights the wrongs

A Hit
Take a hit from
The Ancestral Bhong
While rainbowns enlighten the schlong
Reflecting on the Divine Femine- lonely and awesome in glow

And the Yoni
Dreams of Fantasies clear
Wherein Yin and Yang reunites

No need for fights
For now less is more
Do less
Do better
Do IT NOW!!!!


Morcel of Lights
Far Night
Fire in the Night
Fahrenheit 768
Fry inspite the
Inspired Spirit
Frei geist
States of the Art –

it is the Zeitgeist
Fuel the light
Leave the kite
Fly very high
Ascend to the Heights
Give it light
Power to the Might-y
You are and get feisty
The spree and the sprite
The bee and the bite
The Scorpio and the Sting
Divine a mystique
The Spear and the Sheath
The Quill and the sheets
The pen and the Hand
The Wave and the band
The frequencies and the consequences
The runner and the Marathon
The Aton and the bejeweled Beholder.


Building an utopic land,
Out of Scratch,
A Uchronia,
The Naysayers fight and say : “Nay; That is impossible- utterly impossible!!!!”

The Optimists say: “Yes, let’s try
We might find a way within the Rye”

But the boldest once were shy-est

Of all the lies
To choose
Why not choose
That of BETTER
And believe it

We imagine a Golden city of cosmopolitan grace
Where every nation, creed, race, color, “weirdness”
Is accepted , integrated and valued
Where every good idea is treasured
And the valor is not by externals measured
But by Mercy aand Ruth leisured

We see
An island where
The unjustly Downtrodden is restored
The Saint venerated
The Godly revered
The Creative, a celebrated King
The Healer a President of Peace
The Seer , an honored visionary

A temple where the Rosary and the Dharma are united
Where the Souna and the Bhagavad-Gita are befriended
Where Technology and Nature laws are One
Where Enmity is an obscure obsolescence of a very distant Past
Where Energy is Purity
And Ruth

We imagine a language beyond language
A meta-language
Of Love, Light, Liberty
Where all barriers are shattered
And duplicity shattered
And Misinterpretation impossible
Flowing like a stream of crystalline clear a stream

Where suffering is supported and comforted
And where ABUNDANCE is shared
Thus, multiplied

A land where Trees are Enlightened Teachers
Ants,Beauteous professors
Lambs are Guards
And Lions , a symbol of Peace

We believed that this UTOPIA
Is not a No-where
Or a forever far away Somewhere
But in the Here and the Now and the FOREVER MORE
But a place we don’t have the courage to manifest
For we fear OUR Power

To create and to manifest
Instead of an almost paradisiac Land
Create an Hybris

But the fear of creating this Nowhere is the Hybruis
Not the will!!!!

We see a Land
An Oasis
Where Wealth is Sacred Silence, Health, Knowlegde, Life and Belonging
Non-judgement and acceptance…….

We see a land where Moses, Buddha, Christ, Appolinius of Tyana, John the Baptist, Nebbudchanezza, Edison, Tesla, Hendrix , Morisson, Mother Theresa, Queen Elizabeth, Christopher Marlowe, Alexander the Great , Julius Caesar , Gandhi, Joan of Arc, Emily Dickinson, Hypathia, Walt Whitman, Van Gogh, Dali, Krishna, Auset, Maat, Lakshmi, Brahma, Reverend Martin Luther King, Malik Al Shabbaz, Dr Sebi, Alan Turing, Wittgenstein, Mary Shelley, Byron and Einstein, Socrates and Kierkegaard have settled their differences and are the Founding Fathers of a New Nation.
The Nation of Love, of Overcoming, Of Humanity as ONE
Under the Sun

Lost , once in alleys of wrongdoing, shame, control, power and its struggles and comparison, entitlement and superiority delusions
But that woke up to Peace, Kindness, Patience, Benevolence, Cheerfulness, Godliness, Love , Reciprocity and Inclusion

Cousins, nephews, brothers of One blood

We see the Place
We see the Face of
A benevolent Father
That smiles
Because we managed to surprise Him
And He is proud

We cleared what made us boast and loud
We cleared and released the cloud
We are LOVE, magnificently, divinely, and perfectly MADE

Expressing GRATITUDE to the UNKNOWN yet known Creator of it ALL

We are UTOPIANS in truth
We are not Optimists
We know
We own
We sow
We reap
The Light of BEING
And embrace, therefore, divine DO
Thus, without further ado
We present YOU the Un-promised Land


Sickened by a world of decay
And rancid and acid streets of Oblivion,
Thoughts of torture,
And spurious actions of sluggishness

The Utopreneur
Thinks of a new world
Out of thin air
It is an imagination
A faint idea

Tediously insistent,

Then an obsession,
Then an image, first, dim
Then clearer
And more possesive

A new paradigm must be birthed
When all around the girth
Of the Known earth
Has fallen apart.

Things, it is said, do fall apart,


No, a move must be made to start

Think it big
Start it Small
Start it NOW

Begin Here

The Great Vision

No compromise

The Barks of the howling dogs
The mud of the swine
The stains of Dream Obscurers
The shatters of Vision Blurrers
Loathsome and scurrilous
With scurry feet, mouths, minds, hands and lips
To scoff and belittle
Damage and embarrass…..

Can not stop nor stifle
the DRIVE….
The Incentive is too GREAT
To let Beasts scathe and stutter near
The Dome Of Inner Sanctified Vision

Unwavering thus,
To create, to procreate, to aggregate, to elevate
To atone, to build, to pacify , to uplift and motivate…..
From the rift
Build moment adrift
Upload the shift
In digital beauty
Architectural bliss
Calibrated precision

And bricks after bricks

Stone after stone
The Entrepreneur of the IMPOSSIBLE
Builds a consummate cathedral
For Believers, Dreamers, Free streamers

Amidst the Nay-saying , nagging and the opposition
Codes of a new canto
Temporary bliss is exchanged
Into new brave beat and tempo

He lived to see his dream fulfilled, satisfied and replenished

And when he died
On his epitaph
His spiritual children


“Here lays the Entrepreneur of what was once said to be a Delusion
But those who said so were head to embedded into Illusion.
Here Lays the Man who said; ‘Lets’ build a new Rome from its ruins, with new monuments of greatness of ciphered runes.’
We miss our Founding Father . The Builder of Constanti_Noble. The Utopreneur, we called Him”