Gnozo : Fossil Songs

Under the name Gnozo : Fossil Songs, Benjamin Efrati invents a philosophical discotheque mixing elements of Dark Wave, Psychedelic, Pop Techno, and Hip Hop.

A critical ritual, inviting the audience to think about the meaning of the songs, Fossil Songs is a hyper-immersive set about a mystical post-apocalyptical cult. Gnozo produces songs to dance to, based on nervous space music with elements of ambiant and oriental genres, like the emblematic electric saz used on some of the songs. The songs themselves tend to defy the rules of logic, grammar and commonsense, and draw the audience into a psychedelic experience.

Under the name Fossil Songs, his first album in preparation, Gnozo talks about Neanderthals, Artificial Intelligence, death, science-fiction, lactose, dino-human mutants falling in love with meteor princesses, criticizes bureaucracy, and also all the good times ahead. Gnozo uses humor as a philosophical weapon, and awakens people’s critical consciousness.

Diego Verastegui‘s animated VJing accompanies him by illustrating the mood and sometimes the themes of  each song, adding one more dimension to the immersive nature of the performance. 

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