Nomadic Grids – Think Tank #1

Nomadic Grids – Think Tank #1: exhibition organised by Benjamin Efrati, Shu Isaka, Hitoshi Takeuchi

Guest artists: Fuyumi Murata, Naoki Miyasaka, Mitsuo Yamamoto, Marie B. Schneider

0-title: Nomadic Grids

1-humans make a distinction between space and time

2-processes which are too slow or too small are unnoticeable

3-processes which are too fast or too big are unfathomable

4-the game of go is one example of this paradigm

5- it uses a grid to represent space and stones to represent actions in time

6-stones can be considered to be cells in the living organism of the game

7-some parts, aspects and dimensions of reality remain missing

8-in order to generate their representation new models are needed

9-we call for new conventions of space and time

10-we call for nomadic grids

1 -we know existence is not born from a conventional grid space

2-we know it because we know the universe is discrete

3-reductive mathematical grids are rational and miscalculate the real world

4- exhibitions are like a laboratory for recalculation

5-the interactivity with the audience is necessary

6- such a laboratory must be pluralistic and nomadic
7- in laboratories, experiments are regarded as small scale of physical reality.
8-nomadic grids are generated without downscaling reality in time and space

9-they are n-dimensional and functionally variable

10-the experience of board games enables alternative uses of the grid

11-using deviant grids leads us to the cracks in the grid system

12- this enables the exploration of different closed circuits like a warp portal

1-Think Tank #1 basically, it’s an exhibition about the fourth dimension

2-Think Tank #1 is the first application of the Nomadic Grids protocol

3-Think Tank #1 is throwing a party on saturday 2018.09.29, you’re invited

4-Think Tank #1 brings together 10 participants from diverse backgrounds

5-Think Tank #1 is also an open call to potential collaborators