Psychomachiae  is one of Miracle’s first projects: a series of performances, described as improvised musical comedies. Initiated for the first time in 2006, at ENIAROF Festival (Aix-en-Provence), this project intersects music, animated image, theater and dance.

The performances have led Miracle to theorize on the “ritualization of spontaneity”, upon the claim that improvisation is only possible as a mnemonic process, setting aside any intention of producing new material. A “Spontaneous Ritual” is a performance prepared without score, in which each participant holds an allegoric part in the whole. The performer’s interpretation of his function frees him from improvisational classicisim, and at the same time helps him set aside his self-consciousness in order to reach an experience of automatic collaboration, that is to say limitless art production.  In Psychomachie, the participants are incarnations of allegories, in a sense supernatural beings representing more or less common concepts, real or not (Love, Hatred, Madness, Entertainment, Laughter, etc..). The perceptible result can then be interpreted as a representation of allegorical fights, each of the allegories trying  to win the fight by making the most sense of the whole equation.

More documentation on the archived website