Video Games as Interactive Theater

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We make games which make the player part of an artwork. Our ways of worldmaking are unconventional: they are METALEPTIC. Our games are works-in-progress, "proofs of concept", showcasing an array of ideas, stylistic devices and an original sense of narrative agency.

Jurassic Circuits

Jurassic Circuits is a platformer puzzle game. On a cosmogonic level, it presents an alternative universe created by crocodile-god and inhabited by dinosaurs. In its current form, the game introduces Gugus, the worldmaking god who has spent around 50 million years in deep slumber. When he wakes up, the world has changed: no more dinosaurs, no more vast prairies. In addition, impostors are posing as gods. It is Gugus' duty to reclaim his sovereignty over the world through various methods, among which the Gugusophone, a music instruments designed to make dinosaurs dance. Through harsh-sounding melodies and beats, Gugus will gradually be able to broadcast his philosophy and set new rules for the inhabitants of the new world.

Minotaur Meander Dreamtime

This puzzle game casts the Sokoban logic into a world of meander-based mazes. The hero is the Minotaur, who is struggling to solve riddles in his sleep. By controlling the Minotaur and his inconscious double, the player is invited to reflect on the notion of Dreamtime, a 60'000 year old theory developed by Australian Aboriginese people. In contrast with Psychoanalysis, on top of explaining what happens in dreams, Dreamtime is a cosmogony. It relates to Milorad Pavić's Dictionary of the Khazars, in which all dreamers given the possibility of travelling through space and time during their sleep. What they do during their dreams depends on their level of mastery of their dream existence.'

Pasta Panic

During the covid-19 pandemy crisis, it became clear that if pasta were going to experience a shortage of human beings, they would go bananas. This game illustrate the irrational behavior of pasta (whether they are noodles, tortellonis or spaghetti is not relevant) at the supermarket when shopping for toilet paper and instant humans.


Our offices are located in the French forest.

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