Diego Verastegui

Diego Verastegui is a tattoo artist, graphic designer, animator, painter, visual artist, shaman. Equipped with better perceptual abilities than most humans, he also owns a guitar and his tattoo studio could be found at la Gare XP (Paris) as of 2024.

Balazs Turai

Balazs Turai is an animation director, comic book artist, psychoanalyst, a fervent admirer of Mario Amehou and in all situations is known to behave consistently both as a Chief Exectutive and as a Prime President of MiracleNu .


We are MiracleNu / Miracle / miracle.nu

We operate as a multicultural and multimedia artist collective since 2006

A lot has happened, and last summer our website was hacked, so we have to rebuild everything.

It might take time for this website to thoroughly reviewing the works of our members and the projects we produced, but until we get there, you’ll find plenty of things to look at in the menu.

Be seeing you !