Mario A.

Writer, poet, copywriter, journalist, translator, transducer of divine energy into fully-understandable light beams, leader of the Significatogenesis rebellion

Mario Amehou

Born on October 15th 1986 in Bonn, Germany, Mario Amehou is a founding member of MiracleNu, Afro-Futurist writer, science-fiction novelist, prophet of Significatogenesis, Transresonance, Prolibrism. An expert in Pluriversal narratives, practitioner of semantic cut-up and mental collage, enthusiast of the Cult of Done Manifesto, self-taught kabbalah scholar and restless Enhancer of Light. He took part in numerous MiracleNu projects (Gugus Claclé, Revue Mystère, Triptyque Tatouages), and his creativity forever shines on the collective’s undertakings. Among his published works : Agnus Volubilis ou le Chrononaute Spleenétique (2008), Sybaris (2011), Madosophy (2011), Les Arènes de Mars (2020), Database (2021), Fleurs Sahéliennes (2021), Triptyques Tatouages (2023). Mario passed away on May 22nd 2024 in Glazoué, Benin. We will forever be mourning, for the best of us has been the first to go. His writings and recordings can be accessed on the numerous blogs he created.


Feldspath Metatransfer (2013-2024)

Verse Tyrant Xyrius (2022-2024)

The Intercessor (2024)

Pure Expression (2023)

Agnus Volubilis 2 (2023)

TechDocBlog (2023)

Archives Universitaires VirtuelleS (2014)

Mario in Athens (with MiracleNu)

PSPAM (2010, with MiracleNu)

Merjom Afeto Blogspot (2010, with Pan Dort)

Rêve et cruauté (2009, with Pan Dort)

Significatogenèse (2008, with Pan Dort)

Psychomachie (2008, with MiracleNu)

Merjom Afeto Hautetfort (2006-2008, with Pan Dort)

Recordings :

-as Mario Amehou

-as Enhancer of Light

Featuring :

Comment fabriquer un Gugusophone ? (2016)

Gugus Claclé, un crocodile de cruauté (2013)