Mario Amehou

Author of poetic and Afro-futurist science fiction (French/English/Idaasha) since 2002, he has notably published Agnus volubilis: le chrononaute spleenétique (2008, multilingual), Androsphyinge (2011, French) Fleurs Saheliennes (2021, French), Database (2021, French), African Gothic & Othermatic essays (2021, English). Co-founder of MiracleNu, he coins the term “significatogenesis”, a cornerstone concept in the MiracleNu philosophy. He lives and works in Ottawa. Mario notably lent his voice to the Spinozist crocodile called Gugus Claclé, a crocodile of cruelty, in the eponymous animated short film produced by MiracleNu. Exclusive on the web for a (un)limited time: Androsphyinge (2011, French)



Triptyque Tatouage - Mario Amehou & Diego Verastegui - 2022
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